Students Kick Off Summer at Dyer Fest


Ticket booths are placed strategically around the Dyer Fest grounds to make it convenient for people to purchase tickets. Tickets were sold for a dollar each and wristbands, sold only on certain nights, went for $20.

Hannah Reed and lakecentralnews

Summer technically starts June 21, but to most students, summer started at 2:09 on May 29. Papers were tossed in garbage cans, books were given back to teachers, and homework became a mere memory. Summer brings many new and exciting experiences: vacations, parties, new friends and fests. Among these fests is the Dyer Fest, four days of fun located in the parking lot at Pheasant Hills Park.

“I go to the [Dyer Summer Fest] as much as I can. Since I live right down the street it’s very easy for me to get there. The fests are one of my favorite parts of summer because I get to hang out with all of my friends in one place,” Jessica Nelson (11) said.

This is a positive aspect of the Dyer Fest, however, some people feel there are some things they would like to change for next year.

“I think the ticket prices are really expensive. They don’t have the wristbands every night [for the rides] which I think they should start doing,” Sandra Giannetta (11) said.

Although the Dyer Fest has ended, students can still have more fun. Schererville Fest is set to begin June 19 and the St. John Fest begins July 25.