Schererville Fest Arrives

Hannah Bryner and lakecentralnews

On June 19 the 2013 Schererville Fest opened its gates for children of all ages to explore the wonders of the big rides, the succulent smell of funnel cakes and the colorful lights.

“I’ve been going to the fest for about as long as I can remember,” Ryan West (9) said.

Most of the teenagers at the Schererville Fest can say the same. When the fest is in town, it gives local kids a chance to hang out with a large group of friends.

“[My favorite part of the fest is] probably seeing all my friends from school because it is summer and I can’t really see them all the time,” Marina Vasquez (10) said.

Music is another source of entertainment at the fest. It fills in the background noise and keeps everyone swaying as they walk through the park. Last night’s performance was by a band of teenagers called All in a Day.

“Performing at the Schererville Fest was fantastic. I was super pumped and I’m happy it worked out,” Benjamin Jarzombek, bass guitarist, said.

One genre of music normally does not entertain all people, so in order for the performance to work out, the band and the audience must have a connection.

“I think the audience was digging it. I think they enjoyed it and were really getting the vibes from us,” Jarzombek said.

The Schererville Fest is going on until Sunday, June 23 and serves as a popular place to be to get a bite to eat in a vibrant atmosphere, or to just meet up with friends.