Locker Locations

Bridget Protsman and lakecentralnews

The start of a new school year brings change for everyone, even upperclassmen. Between having a new schedule and new teachers, there is bound to be confusion. With everything students worry about coming into a new year at LC, important things, such as where your locker is located, may be overlooked in all of the pre-school year preparation. With all of the lockers lining the halls, it can seem impossible to find the right one. Here is a list of locker numbers to clear up some of the first day of school chaos.


0147-0336: V-Hall

1006-1026: Lower E-Hall

1028-1266: Lower E-Hall

1289-1518: Lower E-Hall

2001-2096: Upper E-Hall

2101-2102: Upper E-Hall

2109-2462: Upper E-Hall

2600-2699: Library Side Wall

2700-2713: Between A & V Halls

2714-2736: Between A & V Halls

2737-2755: Between A & V Halls

2756-2873: A102 Back Wall

3000-3229: A-Hall

4120-4221: A101 Side Wall

5000-5528: C-Hall

5978-6100: Crossover Hall

7000-7019: F.C. IIS Wall

7020-7043: F.C. IIS Wall

7045-4059: F.C. IIS Wall


9001-9447: First Floor

9501-9991: Second Floor