Guidance makes jump into 21st Century

Samantha Gross and lakecentralnews

In a world where smartphones are the norm and social media is the common form of communication, students are constantly checking their accounts and posting information.

The guidance department has picked up on the new trend and created their own Twitter account, @LCHS_Guidance to tweet reminders, answer student’s questions and even raffle off fan passes to home sporting events. The account hopes to prevent students from having to go to the office with questions about scheduling, RDS and dual credit.

“We think it’s really important to gain a lot of followers because we put out some really important information,” Mrs. Melissa Rettig, Guidance Counselor, said.

Mrs. Rettig runs the account, and was the mind behind their current contest, which offers a $25 fan pass to the lucky re-tweeter. The contest was created in hopes of gaining more followers to the account.

“I just asked the athletic director to use the pass. I want to have a lot more contests so we can gain more followers. My goal is to have 2,000 followers. I’d love to have everyone be a follower, but that’s my goal,” Mrs. Rettig said.

The contest has proven successful.

“Just [Tuesday] night alone, we got more than 80 followers and I only had 180 to start off with,” Rettig said.

Currently at 283 followers, students seem eager to follow the account and see what it has to offer.

“Twitter is my bloodline to what’s what and it’s important to know what’s going on with school. It’s convenient to see what’s with LC right on my Twitter timeline,” follower Juliet Johnson (11) said.

Follow @LCHS_Guidance to take advantage of the resources the account offers. Retweet the contest post to have a chance to win the $25 fan pass. The drawing will be held next week on Aug. 28.