Construction causes parking pass panic

Jill DeGroot and lakecentralnews

Students waited anxiously as the numbers for the parking pass lottery were pulled on Aug. 7. Around 390 students registered for the lottery, and so far, 337 student passes have been issued.

“[The lottery] is hit or miss. I know it’s inconvenient if you don’t get one, but it’s not the end of the world,” Eve Mendoza (12) said.

Due to the construction and the amount of construction workers, the parking spots were limited this year. The lottery was open to all seniors with a valid license and vehicle, but not all who registered got a pass.

“I really think all seniors that are involved in school activities deserve parking passes,” Alyssa Graziani (12) said.

Surprisingly, even with the limited parking, more spots have been filled this year than last.

“This time last year we had filled 381 spots total. This year we’ve filled 458 [including staff],” Principal Martin Freeman said.

Some parking spots by the central office and even some unused faculty spots were issued to students on the waiting list.

“I think we’ll be able to get a little bit more once construction is done and marching season is over,” Freeman said.