Drafting class takes flight

Taylor BeDuhn and lakecentralnews

Mr. Garrett Gray’s, Vocational, third hour drafting class made aerodynamic vehicles created out of every day materials. Students formed into groups of three and constructed their vehicles. The objective was to have their vehicle land the farthest from the starting line.

“[The students] will learn about aerodynamics, problem solving, being creative, and teamwork. I have a bunch of projects like this, and each one gets harder and harder,” Mr. Gray said.

Many of the students created projects, ranging from a paper Frisbee to a paper ball filled with broken pencils, paper clips and a plastic bag.

“We’re trying to make a device that flies far. We’ll make it torpedo-like, and throw it like a football,” Brenden Seren (12) said.

In the end, a group comprising of John Rizzo (9), Justin Price (10), and Aaron Balka’s (9) vehicle got the farthest. They created a paper Frisbee with paperclip reinforcements.