The rush of the game

Jenna Crawford and lakecentralnews

On Aug. 29, Lake Central’s JV volleyball team played against Chesterton High School.

The team bumped, set and spiked to try to reach their goal of victory. Although they lost the first match 25-22, they make a strong comeback in the next two matches with scores of 25-9 and 15-12.

“I think we worked very well together as a team with our communication skills,” MacKenzie Evers (10) said.

Being a part of a team requires having skills that allow players to work well with one another, and good communication is a big contributor to success.

“I felt that we ran plays very smoothly at our game against Chesterton,” Evers (10) said.

Another key to success in volleyball is loving the game and the players on the team.

“My favorite part about playing volleyball is the team atmosphere and the competitiveness of the sport,” Evers said.