Boys cross country holds first meet

Boys take second after Munster


Zachary Hupp (10) races to the finish line at the boys cross-country team’s first meet. The team took second and had three runners placed in the top six.

Sara Lisac and lakecentralnews

On Saturday, Aug. 31, the boys cross-country team took second place at their first meet. Munster High School took first place with 36 points and Lake Central fell close behind with 43 points. Coach Jeff Rhody has been training the team over the summer to prepare them for this event.

“We’ve had some really hard training in the last two weeks, so they’re tired, but they’re excited. They want to race,” Rhody said.

It stormed the night before the meet, and it left the course wet and muddy. This made the terrain hard to run on, and it affected the performance of the runners.

“The rain made the grass really slippery and when we ran through the mud it stuck to our shoes and made our feet heavy,” Justin Price (10) said.

The meet was named after Coach Rudy Skorupa who retired this past year. Coach Skorupa coached the boys cross-country team for the last 40 years, but retired at the end of last school year. Even though the team took second place, they will continue work hard throughout the season.

“This is just a nice, fun early season; let’s go out there and have some fun,” Rhody said.