Junior Class Cabinet decorates Homecoming banner

Junior Class Cabinet gets ready for Homecoming by decorating a banner that will be shown at halftime at the football game


Ryan Emery-Wiebe (11) cuts out a soccer ball for the big homecoming game. The game will take place Sept. 27 at Lake Central High School at 7 p.m.

Hannah Giese and lakecentralnews

The Junior Class Cabinet gathered for a meeting on Sept.16 to discuss decorations for Homecoming.

“I joined Junior Class Cabinet because it will look good on college applications,” Sara Trembczynski (11) said.

The students in Junior Class Cabinet are working on their banner for Homecoming . They will walk their banner across the field during halftime at the homecoming game. The theme for Homecoming this year is safari. The Junior Class Cabinet have an idea for their banner that goes along with the theme.

“Every zebra has different stripes on their body. We were thinking about making the banner zebra print and writing make your mark on it,” Class Sponsor Mrs. Lisa Moreno, Science, said.

The club is also making decorations for the hallways of Lake Central. They discussed ideas at the meeting from making letters out of pipe cleaners or hanging up paper plates with animal faces on them. Also, the Junior Class Cabinet has many things planned after homecoming.

“We are going to work on Homecoming for the next couple weeks. Prom will be the biggest event we do. We also might do some fundraisers,” Mrs. Moreno said.

All the members are very excited for all the events coming up in the year.