Freshman boys football takes over Crown Point

Stephanie Torres and lakecentralnews

On Thursday, Sept. 19, the freshman boys football team conquered the Crown Point Bulldogs with a final score of 28-14. During the beginning of the first quarter, Crown Point started off the scoreboard, with the help of a kickoff return.

Lake Central was ahead of Crown Point by five points, leaving the scoreboard 12-7. Moments later, Crown Point scored, gaining the lead.

“The game went well, everyone played well, although we have a few minor mistakes here and there,” Jesus Torres (9) said.

LC scored back during the end of the second quarter with Adam Maluchnik (9) scoring a touchdown during the last 16 seconds of the second quarter.

“This game went very well for us, everyone did what they were assigned to do,” Isaiah Huppenthal (9) said.

Aaron Benninghoff (9) had a two-point conversion leading LC 20-14 during the end of the second quarter.During the beginning of the third LC added eight more points onto the scoreboard. LC ended up with 28-14 for the night, having LC defeating Crown Point.

“The next game will go just as good or maybe even better than the rest,” Torres said.

The freshman boys will be going against LaPorte High school this Thursday, Sept. 26.