NHS hosts annual blood drive


Constantly looking away from the procedure, Reilly Cosgrove (12) begins the process of the blood donation. The assistant began to clean around the area before he inserted the needle.

Jessica Enriquez and lakecentralnews

On Sept. 20, National Honor Society hosted the 130-year-old tradition of neighbors helping neighbors in need during the annual blood drive from the American Red Cross.

One of the few big events NHS sponsors is this blood drive. Many NHS members signed up to help with getting the place organized, signing other students up and handing out snacks. Some NHS members decided to donate blood.

“I’m doing this to get service hours in NHS for an hour and a half out of class. I am in charge of checking people in and giving people name tags, “ Alyssa Flens (12) said.

Many students attended the event during their class time. Registering, donating, processing and testing took approximately an hour of students’ class time

“I feel like it is my job to do this. Other than getting out of class, I do the blood drive every year to help and because I have a rare blood type that they need the most, O,” David Robinson (11) said.

As a reward for donating a pint or more of blood, there were snacks and refreshments available for volunteers after the donation. Most people also had a feeling of satisfaction from donating, knowing that they could have helped save a life.

“I like this because I’m volunteering for a prestigious charity group and helping people to help others,” Flens said.