Interact Club makes a difference in community

Shannon Hearne and Hannah Reed

On Thursday, Sept. 25, the Interact Club had a meeting to discuss current projects and kick off the year. The meeting was held in Mr. Thomas Clark’s, Social Studies, room located in C-Hall.

“After 31 years of hosting the club, I would have to say my favorite part is getting to meet a lot of students that I don’t have in class,” Clark said.

Every year, Interact does the March of Dimes, Relay for Life and even the school’s Food Drive, which takes place from Oct. 7 until Nov. 26, around Thanksgiving.

“I have been dethroned by Budlove. But this year she is like a turkey: going down,” Clark said.

Interact welcomes all high school students and anyone else looking to make a difference in the community.

“We help out people in the community and in the school. We are 100 percent volunteer, so it shows that teens do care and we can make a difference. Mr. Clark has really helped us reach our goals and he’s a great role model. Interact is a great club that allows us to do some good out there,” Brandon Cole (12) said.

There are many aspects of the club, so it’s not a shock that the club attracts so many members.

“Interact Club is an amazing club. We get the opportunity to help out our community and our school. It builds teamwork and communication skills. The best thing about Interact is the opportunity to volunteer your time for the better, and the person in charge of Interact, Mr. Clark,” Alexander Armstrong (12) said.

Interact is always welcoming new students and wants help to make a difference. If interested, talk to Mr. Clark in C103 after school.