Science Olympiad starts fresh for new season

Heather Stedt and lakecentralnews

On Monday, Sept. 23, the Science Olympiad crew gathered together for a mandatory meeting regarding present and future plans and goals. Brandon Kozel (12), the club’s president, was there to lead with their sponsor, Ms. Mary Joan Martin, Science.

“As far as our overall goal, we’re gonna try to hit the stage at State, so pretty much get in the top five of all the teams at State. It’s gonna be pretty difficult because some of them have placed at Nationals in the past, but it’s our goal,” Kozel said.

While some students have been attending the club since their first year of high school, others’ experiences are just beginning.

“It’s my first year doing Science Olympiad. I’m excited about trying to build because I’m going into engineering in college, so the building aspect of it is the most interesting for me. I’m probably gonna stick mostly to [making] gliders,” Andrew Pharazyn (12) said.

Being a member of Science Olympiad means being a fully-dedicated attributor, giving hours of time into projects and work time.

“We’ve been in here on a Tuesday night until two in the morning. We’ll have work sessions on Saturdays. They’ll come in seven in the morning and not leave until midnight. It’s the drive to work. I consider myself a coach. These are my babies; we’re family,” Martin said.