The spirit of tailgate

Students participate in pre-game activities

Ashley Bates and lakecentralnews

Students gathered for the annual tailgate to get pumped for the homecoming game on Sept. 27.

“I got there around 6:40 p.m., and hung out with friends and bought some popcorn from students selling it,” Rachel Yorek (10) said.

Students volunteered and supported clubs who had tables offering food and games.

“I liked seeing people come out to support clubs they weren’t a part of and having pride in the activities they were a part of. I haven’t been to the tailgate until this year,” Alyssa Graziani (12) said.

School spirit was contagious; students socialized with each other, creating an energetic atmosphere.

“People were asking to take part, try things, or just having a conversation by someone walking by. Everyone appeared very eager to talk with others because of the positivity in their attitude,” Lena Almaguer (12) said.

Positivity and treats filled the air as students ambled around the area.

“The tailgate got me pumped and ready, and I was happy to purchase stuff from other students who were raising money. I have gone [to tailgate] twice before and this time was my favorite because I participated in more activities,” Yorek said.