JV girls volleyball defeated by Valparaiso

Cheers of motivated players and supportive parents echoed throughout the whole school as the girls JV volleyball team plays against Valparaiso. Valpo took the first and second match, stealing the overall win.

The team won one of the three matches played. They went neck-and-neck for the overall victory, and in some matches, came close to victory. The scores were 24-25; 25-16; and 14-15, giving Valpo the win. Lake Central took the second match.

“Since we lost our setter Rachel Gross (10), it was hard to adapt. We came together as a team and really stepped it up during the second match,” Jennifer Einterz (11) said.

The girls used strategies specified for the team they were playing. Between matches the team came in for a huddle to discuss improvement tactics with their coach.

“To prepare for the game, I talk to my coach about how the other team plays. That way I can change how I play and adapt myself to how the other team plays,” Julia Zlotkowski (10) said.

The team will play Valparaiso again later on in the season.

“By the time we have to play them again, we will be used to having our new center and we will win,” Einterz said.