A taste of Spanish culture

Sara Lisac, Sara Lisac, and Sara Lisac

Mrs. Rosemary Kennedy’s, World Language, Spanish classes have been getting a taste of Spanish culture, literally, by making guacamole during the Matrix period. Kennedy wanted to try something different with her classes and something that most teachers have not done.

“The purpose of this activity is to culturally enrich my students with an authentic recipe. It supports learning about the foods of different Spanish lands,” Kennedy said.

With the Matrix schedule being something new to the teachers, Kennedy found a creative way to use this extra period in order to further the students’ learning experiences.

“I am trying to do something different, something hands-on and something new. Without the Matrix period, we would not be able to do these extra activities,” Kennedy said.

Making guacamole proved interesting to the students. For many, it was their first time tasting the foreign food, and it gave them more knowledge about Spanish culture.

“This was actually my first time trying guacamole, and I really liked it. I think they should be doing more stuff like this in the Matrix classes because it’s hands-on, and it helped me learn about the culture,” Tyler Hires (11) said.

Kennedy plans on continuing these activities with her Spanish II and III classes to not only further their knowledge on the language, but to give them an understanding about the culture.