School Board gathers to discuss current problems


Dr. Janice Malchow asks questions about Mrs. Theresa Schoon’s presentation. One of the concerns she had was if the parents were going to be able to sit in on sessions or not.

Joey Pavell and lakecentralnews

On Monday, Oct. 7, the school board held a meeting in the LGI to discuss current issues with our school system. Many teachers, advisors and principals attended this meeting.

“I try to attend these meetings about once a month because I’m in the Teacher’s Association. I’m hoping that tonight the board will approve a contract that has been proposed,” Mr. Ray Palasz, English, said.

Two of the main topics discussed were a new way to teach students with speech disabilities called TinyEYE and when finals should be taken. Rebecca Gromala, Director of West Lake Cooperative, discussed TinyEYE, which is an electronic-based program to help students who have speech disabilities.

“With TinyEYE, students will have personal video chat sessions with skilled instructors on speech. I think we are at a point where too many people need speech therapy. This type of teaching will definitely benefit our students because the type of learning is more modern and learning electronically seems to just connect better with students,” Gromala said.

Theresa Schoon, Director of Primary Education discussed how taking finals before winter break will benefit students. Surveys were previously conducted about this topic, and mostly all of the students surveyed said they prefer taking finals before winter break.

“I prefer the semester ending before break. After receiving feedback from multiple students, it has become clear that they like that idea, too. It gives them peace to know that they don’t have to study for finals over Christmas Break, which is meant for relaxing and enjoying time with family. It just makes the most sense to me,” Schoon said.

The next meeting will be held in about two weeks in the LGI room. A specific date has not yet been determined.