Debate Team holds first meeting of season

Emma Ritchie and Emma Ritchie

On Wednesday Oct. 9, Dr. Dustin Verpooten, Science, hosted the first debate team meeting of the year.

Throughout the season, there will be two competitions in November and one in December. The debate team practices twice a week, and the team members choose what days work with their schedules.

“I like that you can choose when you come in when you have busy schedules,” Sarah Hermanek (9) said.

For Lana Niewiadamski (9), the debate team is a good way to make new friends, grow in writing and advance her persuasive skills. Joining the debate team is a good way to express your feelings about certain topics.

“You shouldn’t be afraid to be able to express your opinion,” Niewiadamski said.

Dr. Verpooten has been in charge of the debate team for several years. This season, Verpooten has high hopes for his team. In the past, the English teachers have been head of debate team, but being a teacher in Biology gives Dr. Verpooten a different advantage.

“There are certain strengths in Biology. You have to deal with reasoning and logic and, with different angles, you can prove facts,” Dr. Verpooten said.