Win some, lose some

Jenna Crawford and lakecentralnews

On Oct. 10, the JV girls volleyball team had a home game against LaPorte. The teams were neck-and-neck through all three sets. LaPorte won the first game 20-25, and the Indians won the second game 25-20. The third set was tied before LaPorte received the last point, winning the game 15-14.

“Our energy was really high at our game and even though we lost, we played well and learned some new things we need to work on as a team,” Julia Zlotkowski (10) said.

The players, as a team, learn from their mistakes together.

“Losing a game makes us want to win the next one even more,” Zlotkowski said.

After losing the first set, the Lake Central girls came back by winning the second set.

“I think we need to work on communicating with each other, but other than that we played well. LaPorte was just a little quicker than us, but just by a little,” Zlotkowski said.

The JV volleyball team has lost a total of two games, including this one.

“We can’t win them all. When we lose, we learn from our mistakes and when we win, we celebrate as a team,” Grace Mercado (10) said.

With only a few games left, Grace Mercado is determined to win.

“We play well together as a team. We’re going to play our best and try to take the win,” Mercado said.