Main office prepares for PSATs

Maneet Mander and lakecentralnews

This Wednesday, Oct. 16, the PSATs will be given to sophomores and registered juniors. The main office has been preparing for months to make sure this day runs smoothly.

“Parents are calling their kids off as sick, asking a lot of questions about the PSATs like what the kids are supposed to do and we have a lot of flu questions,” Mrs. Theresa Doolin, Attendance, said.

The day of the PSATs may seem pretty relaxed to some, but it will be a day filled with a lot of direction for the workers in the office.

“We make sure the kids get to the right class, teachers and proctors are prepared to administer the test and substitutes are prepared to support them,” Mrs. Christine Szczerbowski, Attendance, said.

While sophomores and registered juniors will be taking the PSAT, seniors are suggested to prepare for college.

“Seniors can either do college visits or job shadowing,” Mrs. Szczerbowski said.

If a student is interested in job shadowing, it is up to them to find a place to shadow.

“We used to give a list and sometimes they would go to local companies like parks and food banks but we don’t do that anymore,” Mrs. Szczerbowski said.

Seniors planning on visiting colleges should make sure they take the appropriate measures.

“Have a parent call them off school and bring back documentation of wherever they went to visit,” Mrs. Doolin said.