WISE teaches wonders to the middle school wanderers

Hannah Bryner and Hannah Bryner

On Friday, Oct. 11, Grimmer Middle School held an event to peak the 7th graders’ interests in science. The day involved science experiments in the half football field behind the school. The event was funded and ran by WISE, Women in Science and Engineering, which is a club at Lake Central.

“Some of the activities peaked the middle schoolers’ curiosity. I think they will remember it and encourage them to take more science classes in high school,” Mr. Nicholas Meyer, Science Department Chairman, said.

As the 7th graders walked outside, they started to complain about the smothering heat. The welcoming experiment involved Diet Coke, Mentos and an explosion. When the WISE and National Honor Society volunteers put the Mentos into the Diet Coke, it simulated an explosion. As the soda flew several feet in the air, the children decided to cool off in the mist of sweet and sticky Diet Coke.

“Each time we start with a Coke and Mentos experiment to get them excited, but the coolest experiment is the non-Newtonian fluid made by mixing cornstarch and water. When you move slowly it is a liquid, and when you move quickly it acts as if it is a solid,” Molly Beggs (12), Co-President , said.

The middle-schoolers frantically hopped through the goop as others stood still as they sunk into the tub. Three volunteers picked up the tub and pretended that they were going to throw the “quicksand” on the 7th graders, knowing that the substance was acting as a solid.

“I wanted to be able to spread the love of science to kids younger than me because I did not get the same opportunity when I was younger. I wanted to give back so I decided to volunteer,” Noah Sarkey (12) said.