Air conditioning system broken in C-Hall

Megan Barenie and lakecentralnews

At the beginning of October, the 25-year-old air conditioning system stopped working with the start of a warm fall season. Heat and dry air filled the hallways and classrooms of C-Hall. Both students and staff members were forced to deal with the rising room temperatures.

“By the end of the day, I would almost have a headache and feel dehydrated. So, the last couple of weeks, it got to the point where I was taking kids outside to the courtyard at the end of the day,” Mr. Todd Smolinski, Social Studies, said.

Since the machine broke, the administration has been debating on whether or not they should take action. With much consideration, the administration decided to be financially responsible and take no action.

“Normally, the chiller would have been shut down already for the year, but the weather has been so warm. Now, we had to be financially responsible and ask ourselves if we were going to fix it and pay all this money to just maybe only use it for a few days,” Mr. Tom Rainwater, Head Custodian, said.

Even though the students and staff are temporarily suffering from the heat, the cold weather is slowly approaching. Teachers have helped the situation by opening their doors and bringing fans in their room.

“I have two fans in my room, but they are not the best, so they only move the hot air around,” Mr. Smolinski said.

While the students and teachers cope with heat, the air conditioning system remains broken; however, the system will be auctioned off after the new school is opened in January.