Varsity girls soccer falls to Valpo at Regionals

Alyssa Born and lakecentralnews

On Thursday, Oct. 17, the varsity girls soccer team headed out to Valparaiso for their first Regional game. The girls knew it was going to be a tough game. They ended up losing 2-0.

“My thoughts were [that] either team could win if we were all focused and worked together and passed together. We could’ve easily won,” Hannah Triveline (11) said.

The girls battled during the first 40 minutes leaving the score tied 0-0 at halftime.

During the second half, Alexia Geenen (10) was defending the ball and fell and broke her collarbone.

“I skidded on [my collarbone], and I heard a crack, so I had to get up with my legs and sit up holding it,” Alexia Geenen said.

At halftime the score was 0-0, but that quickly turned around. The Vikings scored their first goal four minutes into the second half, and scored again with twenty minutes left. The Indians suffered a harsh defeat in the Regional game.

“I feel like toward the end of the season we became more of a team. We knew each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Our coaches found out where all of us would be playing,” Triveline said.

Although soccer may be over for the rest of the seniors, not for Lyana Burrink (12). She is going on to play soccer at Indiana State University.

“I’ll miss how fun it was and it’s not as serious as college [soccer] is going to be,” Burrink said.