JV football takes loss to Vikings

Shannon Hearne and lakecentralnews

On a chilly morning on Oct. 19, the JV football team faced Valparaiso. The Indians ended with a loss against the Vikings with a final score of 12-0.

LC started off with winning the toss, setting Valpo to receive. The game had no score at the end of the first quarter. However, in the second half, the Indians couldn’t quite keep up, and Valpo got the first touchdown. This put the score at 6 to 0 with five minutes and twenty-three seconds left in the quarter.

“It was tough. We have so many people playing varsity because of injuries so we were out of linemen, quarterbacks, you name it,” Juan Rivera (12) said.

One of Valpo’s players suffered a head injury in the second half but recovered before the quarter was over. Rivera caught the ball in the end zone. This moment, which was thought by LC fans to be a touchdown, ended up not being scored due to penalties. In the end of the third quarter Valpo had 12 points, and the Indians were still behind with a score of 0.

“The second half could have been better. I thought we had the home field advantage – but I guess not,” Jake Stuart (11) said.

The third quarter put the boys behind and Valparaiso took advantage of their lead.

“I feel like the third quarter belonged more to Valpo than it did to us, but we had put up a good fight with the players that we had,” Harrison Gordon (10) said.

Even though JV finished their season with a loss, the all look forward to next season with blue and white spirit.