Once upon a time in Spanish class

Taylor BeDuhn and lakecentralnews

Starting Tuesday, October 15, Ms. Abigail Homans’s Spanish III classes created original stories, using the Spanish past tense.

“[The students learned how] to practice using the preterite and imperfect tense and create something of their own in the target language,” Mrs. Homans said.

Students had to create a fairy tale using both forms of the past tense. They used their creativity or modified an already existing fairy tale to make it their own. The story was written in a small book they made, and they colored pictures to go along with the story.

“[We’re writing] a story of a princess and a king from two different worlds and Brittany, who is the evil witch, curses the princess,” Tabitha Prowse (11) said.

Some students even put a new twist on an old tale.

“[We’re writing] about the three little pigs, but the wolf is the victim because wolves are cooler than pigs,” Ryan McCallister (11) said.