Cathryn Cearing and Cat Cearing

In elementary school, many students participate in class spelling bees. They’re tested on words like “abominable” and “faculty” and are awarded with a prize. For Meghan Adams (12), the Spell Bowl competition at Morton High School on Oct. 14 proved to be a bit more rewarding.

“I got a near-perfect, which is an eight out of nine. I got the best score on the team,” Adams said.

Unlike elementary school spelling bees, Spell Bowl competitions involve writing the words issued. After the word is read, students have fifteen seconds to spell the right answer.

“One person from each team goes at a time and the reader says one word at a time. There is a proctor that checks after each time,” Adams said.

Because it was only the first competition of the season, Adams and the rest of the team still have time to hone their skills and work on their weaknesses.

“Each person is asked nine words. I missed the word ‘blarney’,” Adams said.