Interact club meets to discuss food drive and pumpkins

Noelle McBride and Noelle McBride

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, the Interact club met for their weekly Wednesday meeting on Oct. 23 in Mr. Tom Clark’s room C103 to talk about current events.

“We do a lot of projects and things for the community,” Mr. Clark said.

Though the club has Mr. Clark to spearhead the activities, the club has a president, two vice presidents and officers to help manage the workload. President Brandon Cole (12), along with his two vice presidents Alexander Armstrong (12) and Brandon Szwet (12), help talk about the plans for the club provided by Mr. Clark.

“As the vice president, I make sure that Brandon is doing his job and that we cover everything during the meetings,” Armstrong said.

The biggest projects that the club is working on right now are the March of Dimes and the food drive.

“Today one of the things we talked about were the pumpkins that cost a dollar,” Cole said.

The March of Dimes helps raise money to promote further research in prenatal care. When a student buys a pumpkin and signs it, their pumpkin goes up on the wall outside of Mr. Clark’s room, C103.

“The food drive is also going on right now. The food all goes to the different families and organizations who may need it around the tri-town area,” Cole said.

The food drive has been going on since Oct. 7 and will end Nov. 25. If a student cannot bring in food, bringing in a dollar is equivalent to bringing in four cans. The competition for a pizza or a doughnut party that is going on around the school is in all students’ 6th hour class period.