Environmental Club celebrates Halloween

Ellie Nelson and lakecentralnews

To celebrate Halloween, the Environmental Club met in 9218 on Oct. 23 to share conservation tricks and treats that are specific to the season and holiday.

“Recycling is important. Everyone is eating and drinking a lot so it’s good to recycle and give what’s left to the poor,” Michael Lamont (12) said.

The club’s advisers, Mrs. Julie Shupryt, Science, and Mrs. Jackie Ruiz, Science, put an emphasis on the importance of staying ecologically responsible at this time of year.

“It is that time of year. The problem is we tend to throw all environmentally friendly ideas out the window around the holidays,” Mrs. Shupryt said.

Students expressed that it would be simple for them to put the conservation tips to use.

“I already reuse costumes and make my own; I have for the past two years,” Jennifer Popiela (11) said.

Not only did the environmentally-conscious students appreciate the tips and enjoy the treats, but they also took part in an art project using leaves.

“The art project is different and creative. It turned really pretty,” Kathryn Biegel (12) said.

The club’s next meeting will be held in 9218 in November.