Best Buddies teams up with Science Olympiad for Halloween

On Monday, Oct. 28, the Best Buddies and Science Olympiad clubs teamed up for a Halloween-themed meeting. Fun activities and games were spread throughout the cafeteria and A-Hall for the gathering.

“Ms. [Mary Joan] Martin, [Science], approached me about doing these activities. She’s been really enthusiastic about working with Best Buddies,” Chase Lowden (11), president of Best Buddies, said.

This is the first time that Best Buddies and Science Olympiad have collaborated. Leaders of both clubs thought that the members of their club could benefit from the experience.

“[Best Buddies members] just want to get Science Olympiad out here and show them a good time and also show [members of Best Buddies] that science can be fun sometimes,” Lowden said.

The Science Olympiad members set up and ran most of the activities at the meeting. Games included egg races, throwing paper airplanes, bingo and coloring. Candy was also passed out at most stations. Peer buddies, general education students, and buddies, Westlake students, formed groups of about five and travelled to each of the activities, allowing several different members of each club to interact.

“I really liked helping [the buddies] with the activities and spending time with them. [The gathering] was a really good experience,” Jacqueline Eader (10) said.

After all the activities ended, members from both groups sat together to enjoy tasty treats such as cupcakes, candy and cookies before they left the meeting.