Marching towards State

Marching band practices for State Saturday, Nov. 2


Ana Boulas (11) stands her final pose that closes the show. She is the main character the the show “A World of Her Creation” focuses around her.

Maddie Conley and Madeline Conley

After winning first place in Regionals and a gold medal at ISSMA, the marching band looks to State with heads held high.

“I think the kids are going to have a great performance, and beyond that, we’ll just see what happens,” Mr. Christopher Harmon, Marching Band Director, said.

The performance “A World of Her Creation,” is about a female antagonist played by Ana Boulas (11) whose goal is to lead the rest of the band into her dark ways.

“I was really nervous that I wouldn’t be doing a good enough job, but [then] I realized that I do this because I love it, and if I keep stressing about it, then I won’t be enjoying it in the end,” Ana Boulas (11) said.

Concerns rise as the band goes to State, especially due to the impending bad weather forecast for this weekend.

“I’m just concerned about how we’re going to get outside there with the weather. The kids are going to perform great. I’m not concerned about that at all,” Mr. Harmon said.

Despite the arising issues that are out of the band’s control, the marchers are proud and ready for competition.

“I have a feeling that we’re going to do really well because we’ve been working really hard. The staff has been pushing us, and motivation is really high this year,” Marc Mertsching (11) said.

The State competition will be held Saturday, Nov. 2, in Indianapolis.