Junior Class Cabinet plans Prom

Abby Peppin and lakecentralnews

On Oct. 30, Junior students met in Mrs. Joan Loden’s, Math, room for a Junior Class Cabinet meeting

“I enjoy [Junior Class Cabinet], because it feels good to know that I have an influence in the school’s decision,” Tiffany Polyak (11) said.

At this meeting, the students discussed themes, decorations and a DJ for Prom 2014. Junior Class Cabinet is in charge of the entire planning process.

“It gives me a sense of giving back to the school,” Ryan Emery-Wiebe (11) said.

The students carefully scanned magazines, provided by Mrs. Loden, for a unique theme. They were able to narrow it down to four themes: Hawaiian, Paris, Hollywood and High Society. The overall theme that the cabinet decided on was “A Night in Paris.

Junior Class Cabinet will meet several more times before prom. Each meeting will finalize their ideas for the dance.