Cooking class makes breakfast


Alexandria Hill (9) stands at the stove to make scrambled eggs for her cooking group. Once the bacon was almost done, she started to make them.

Breanna Dobos and lakecentralnews

The smell of bacon and eggs filled the halls of Lake Central on Oct. 23 and 24 because of Mrs. Chris Mockovak’s Nutrition and Wellness classes.

“[The lab is] part of the curriculum. We do an egg unit with bacon and eggs,” Mrs. Mockovak said.

The lab was an overall success. The students successfully used the stove to cook the eggs, the griddle to cook the bacon and the toaster to prepare the toast. The lab also taught the students a few things along the way.

“The lab taught me to not overcook things and to read directions carefully,” Raquel Rembert (10) said.

If some students didn’t like this particular lab, they will have the opportunity to do a different lab next week.

“We are making crepes next week. The kids like that because they get to choose what toppings they want to put on it, like chocolate or strawberry,” Mrs. Mockovak said, “It went well overall. They all listen fairly well; they generally do a very good job.”