Ceramics I makes pots


Logan Sommer (10) adds a coil to the top of his pot. He smoothed it out with his hands and continued to add coils until he gets the shape he wanted.

Kelsey Wilkerson and lakecentralnews

For the past two weeks, Mrs. Chris Colle, Art, has been teaching her Ceramics I classes how to make coil pots as one of the many projects she assigns throughout the semester.

On Oct. 23, her class finished making the base of the pot and now they are starting to make their coils by wrapping it around the top and then blending the clay together with a thick brush.

“I took this class because my brother took it and he was really good at it and I always thought it was cool thing that he got into,” Logan Sommer (10) said.

Sommer’s favorite project is the coil pot and he plans to take it home when he has completed it.

“I switched out of Advanced Music Theory for this class and it was a pretty good decision,” Sommer said.

Joseph Sawicki (12), who has taken two years of 3-D Art, is currently in Ceramics as well.

“[The class] is not bad overall, it just involves a lot of focus to learn new skills the right way the first time,” Sawicki said.

Other projects they will make throughout the semester include a slab built mug, textured plate, pinch pot, a portrait tile and a large symmetrical coil pot.

“I believe that students continue to take these courses because they realize that with some effort, they can produce incredible, professional-looking work that they can be proud of,” Mrs. Colle said.