Making a mark


In her Ceramics I class, Jessica Vargas (12) traces her self portrait onto her white tile. The portrait tile will be added onto the new portrait tile yearbook that will be located in the new building.

Stephanie Torres and lakecentralnews

While students walk through C-hall, they come across a colorful wall of different tiles that have unique faces of students on them. These tiles are right above the two ceramic rooms, right above the sophomore locker area.

The creator of the “Ceramics Yearbook Wall” was Mrs. Chris Colle, Art.

“I had the idea years ago in the mid 90s, I liked the idea of having a visual record [yearbook] of every student who took ceramics,” Mrs. Colle said.

Since the original “Ceramics Yearbook Wall” will be destroyed, and there is no way of removing the ceramic tiles off the wall, Mrs. Maureen Yaeger and Mrs. Colle, the two ceramic teachers, thought of the idea of making a brand new updated ceramic yearbook. During matrix hours, the Ceramics I classes work on self portrait tiles.

“[I] wish there were a way to remove them, but they are affixed with adhesive, and most have grout around them. No different than how ceramic tiles would be installed in a home, they are meant to last a lifetime,” Mrs. Colle said.

Many students enjoy this project due to the fact of witnessing the prior students that have gone to Lake Central.

“I think it’s a cool and creative project. It’s kind of weird to think that all the future students that will attend LC will be in the new building and see how the former students looked,” Alex Rico (11) said.