Living within the game

Brittany Rabatine and Brittany Rabatine

Wandering through sectioned-off woods under the cover of night, a few members of the Lake Central Anime Club get a chance to live the ‘Slender’ computer game by collecting the Slender notes and running from the dreaded Slenderman.

“Being Slenderman was kind of fun, just creeping up behind people and hearing them scream in terror,” Alexander Zamora (12) said.

Many members did not partake in the game as they felt it was too cold out, preferring instead to stay inside or stay by the bonfire. Those that did partake didn’t mind the chill as they were kept warm by their fear.

“The Slender game was better than I expected and terrifying as it should be,” Jessica Czajkowski (10) said.

Between rounds of Slender, the party guests watched “Pokemon 3,” played video games, talked, ate pizza and a cake shaped like a human heart and drank plenty of hot chocolate.

“I think the part I’ll remember most is everyone just hanging out in my living room having fun,” Tara Dangerfield (10) said.