Environmental Club gets crafty


Sarah Dingman (11) makes a card for a soldier at an Environmental Club meeting on Wednesday, Nov. 20. The club wanted to give the cards to soldiers for Thanksgiving to show their thankfulness for all that the troops do.

On Wednesday, Nov. 20, Environmental Club met after school to make Thanksgiving cards for soldiers. Only six students were present, but it didn’t take many to feel the benevolence in the atmosphere.

“We figured with Veterans’ Day, we would try to incorporate something, and Thanksgiving is also coming up, so the two fit together well,” Mrs. Anne Ruiz, Science, said.

This week, the club added a more artistic outlook to its involvement, as shown through the students’ handmade cards.

“Our main reason is to give back. [The troops] already give so much, and they’re not with their families for the holidays. This is an environmental club, but people are also part of the environment, so we need to take care of each other too. It’s November, the month of Thanksgiving, so this was our way of showing our thankfulness,” Mrs. Julie Shupryt, Science, said.

Some people take for granted the luxuries that holidays may bring. During these times, soldiers, who are halfway around the world, are not always surrounded by the most comforting environment. However, these students realize the importance of reaching out to our troops.

“I think its a really nice thing to do because our troops need encouragement, especially during the holiday season. We’re thanking them for what they’re doing,” Sarah Dingman (11) said.