Addicting cookies

Hannah Bryner and Hannah Bryner

From Temple Run to Angry Birds, smart phone applications are played by a wide range of people. The newest obsession is a very simple game. Cookie Clicker has been said to be addicting to anyone who plays.

“Cookie Clicker seems silly to outsiders, but those that play it find it fun and addicting,” Nikola Tepsic (11) said.

Each time that the cursor clicks the cookie the player gets one more cookie. After the player has so many cookies, he can buy upgrades such as automatic cursors, or grandmas who constantly make more. There are a lot of upgrades a player can buy with cookies to get more cookies.

“I discovered Cookie Clicker about two months ago. Ever since, I’ve been hooked on fun,” Tristan Gardenhire (12) said.

Even though many are in love with the game, other people find the game pointless.

“I believe that Cookie Clicker is unnecessarily evil and an abomination to society. People are addicted to it for no reason,” Joseph Jansky (11) said.

Once the game begins, players begin setting objectives for their further playing.

“My first day playing Cookie Clicker I made 1 million cookies in one hour,” John O’Donnell (12) said.

Whether the game is pointless or the best thing to be invented, some argue that it does teach skill.

“Some people like the game, others don’t, but in the end it does teach strategy skills because you have to save up cookies and figure out when to buy certain upgrades. I guess it is doing some good,” Kyle Matthews (11) said.