Science Olympiad holds mandatory meeting


The members of Science Olympiad vote on whether to spend their fundraised money on T-shirts or save it for later use. The vote to save the money won.

Abigail Peppin and lakecentralnews

On Nov. 22, numerous students met in Mrs. Mary Joan Martin’s, Science, room for a mandatory meeting. The competition season is just beginning to take off.

The Science Olympiad’s first competition is Dec. 7 at 8 a.m. It will take place in Whiting as an all-day event. This competition will test the readiness of the members included in the club.

“There is a lot of potential on this team. Many of the kids take AP courses which benefits the club more than you think,” Ms. Mary Joan Martin, Science, said.

The Science Olympiad team is hoping to excel this season with a variety of bright students.

“At Regionals, we are hoping to take first and make it to State. We need to be one of the top three teams in order to qualify at State,” Mrs. Martin said.

The Science Olympiad club made it to Regionals but was unsuccessful in making it to State last year. The goals of the club are to improve upon last year’s performance and show their strengths.