Battle of the Indians


Ana Zanza (9) butterflies her way through the water on Tuesday’s meet. It was the first meet of the season.

Emma Ritchie and Emma Ritchie

On Tuesday, Nov. 26, the JV girls swimming and diving team won the first meet of the season against their opponents, the Portage Indians. The girls won a majority of the races with the final score of 138-47.

“[The first meet] went very well. The girls came out aggressively. Their practice has helped them a lot in their efforts,” Dale Ramsy, assistant coach, said.

Throughout the meet, swimmers constantly cheered on their teammates, encouraging them to, “Go, go, go!” and beat their opponent to the finish.

“[The cheering] motivated me more, just knowing that people were watching [me] made [me] feel more a part of the team,” Margaret Elton (10) said.

The girls still have a long season ahead of them.

“A good start last night means for a good rest of the season,” Rachel DiNino (12) said.