Student emails…what are they good for?

Meggan Glista and lakecentralnews

Since the beginning of the school year, there has been a lot of talk about the implementation of student emails. Each student received a white note card with their name, student ID number, an email address and an initial password to start the email accounts.

Many students, however, didn’t set up the accounts, saying that the student emails were pointless and that they did not see a reason to set up yet another email when they already needed to remember other emails.

“The main reason we have [the emails] is to promote better communication between students and teachers in a safe and monitored environment, and they also allow documents to be shared as well,” Mr. Robin Tobias, Principal, said.

What students do not realize is that the school emails are important and that they are used for many different things.

“Technology of today is becoming greater and in a way, we’re a bit behind. By giving each individual student an email, we are able to get mass amounts of important information out to each student in the building and teachers are able to share class assignments with students,” Mr. Sean Begley, Freshmen Center Principal, said.

The emails are not just used for sharing documents and getting all the important information of what is happening in the building. Student emails will also be used for submitting school dance information and ordering tickets.

“We decided to set up all of the dance forms and ticket purchasing through the emails because we are working on making things more streamlined [here at Lake Central] and it also makes keeping track of all the required information a lot easier,” Mr. Tim Powers, Assistant Principal, said.

If any students need help setting up their account, they may see Mrs. Laura Zeller in the IIS room on white days only.