Technical Theater practices special effects makeup


Christopher Young (9) gets his face painted in the theater makeup lab. The students practiced with special effects makeup.

Colleen Quinn and lakecentralnews

On Monday, Dec. 9, the Technical Theater students practiced with the special effects theater makeup. For many of the students, it was a new experience in the world of theater.

“I wanted to do something with theater, so I chose Technical Theater,” Christopher Young (9) said.

Some of the students challenged themselves to see how far their creativity would take them. A wide variety of face makeup designs were under development.

“I’m trying to get similar makeup [to] the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland,” Cora Sakal (9) said.

The Technical Theater students are given the opportunity to explore the different branches of theater. This includes not only the makeup and design for the stage, but also the structure that allows the show to go on.

“I worked the lights during the ‘Somewhat True Tale of Robin Hood.’ It was fun and overall a good experience,” Kaitlyn Opperman (9) said.

Many students enjoy the class and get a great experience from it. Using the special effects makeup is only one of many events that the students participate in. Technical Theater gives interested students a chance to explore their options.

“Usually around this time of year it’s a fun thing for everyone to do,” Mr. Ray Palasz, English, said, referring to the use of special effects makeup.