Dinner for doom (or so you think)


Five cast members of Cafe Murder sit around the dinner table. The performance revealed that in the end, Rosemary, played by Kendra Williams (11), center, was said to have been murdered.

Rachel Gross and lakecentralnews

Dec. 11 was a night of murder, laughter and breaking down the fourth wall in Mrs. Pam Neth’s, English, Advanced Theater classroom-turned-café.

“I think [the show] went very well. We have never done a dinner murder mystery before,” Mrs. Neth said.

The show, “Café Murder,” was about a supposed murder that happened in the bathroom of a café. The cast members, which included the Maitre’d, the victim’s four sisters, the chef, the waitress and the detective, asked the audience to vote on who they thought the murderer was.

“It was [my] first time being in a play like this. I think it turned out pretty well,” Brandon Bianco (12) said .

The convicted culprit, in the end, was the waitress, played by Mia Gjeldum (12). The final scene revealed that the waitress did not succeed in her plan to kill the victim. After the mystery unraveled, the audience was treated to appetizers, a small dinner and dessert.

“I think the audience enjoyed it. I love being surrounded by talented and funny [cast mates]. I was made for theater,” Bianco said .