JV boys basketball edges out win over West Side


Amir Ransom (11) dribbles the ball down the court. The team was able to edge out the Cougars and win 34-31.

Annie Riddering and lakecentralnews

As the clock ran down and the team only up by three, the JV boys basketball team came out on top when they played the Gary West Side Cougars on Dec. 11 at home.

“It went pretty well for the most part. We did our best. There was a lot of tension [at the end] but we were just happy to get the win,” Skyler Smith (10) said.

Leading 14-12 at halftime, the team came back out strong scoring 20 points in the second half. The boys were also able to hold the Cougars to only scoring 19, making the final score of the game 34-31.

“We knew we couldn’t let them get a shot on their final possession, so we locked up,” Gage Ray (10) said.

The team takes on the Bowman Academy Eagles tonight at 6:00 p.m. The game will take place at Lake Central.

“We will stay focused and keep our heart on the game so that we can win,” Dijon Edwards (10) said.