Dusting off the shelves


Toy soldiers are seen in multiple areas around Mr. Clark’s room. These have been displayed in honor of he soldiers who fought for our freedom.

Shannon Hearne and Shannon Hearne

Mr. Tom Clark, Social Studies, located in C103, has been staying after school almost every day to prepare for the move into the new academic building. With barely any whitespace found on his walls before the move, the transition will not be an easy one.

“My new room is located on the third floor. It’s so big that it even has a partition,” Mr. Clark said.

Heavy lifting wears down Mr. Clark as he packs away the treasures that he has had on display for 31 years. His new room will be located in in C313.

“All of my glass display cases in the new building will be against one wall, kind of like a museum,” Mr. Clark said.

With 31 years of belongings piling up, Mr. Clark also has multiple cases of history behind some of his belongings, even his own personal experience in the armed forces.

“I brought back some of this [stuff] from Afghanistan. I was there for one year, and in the time I was there Clark Jr. [Mr. Josh Clark, Social Studies] watched over my stuff protectively. I also have some belongings from people who died in the Vietnam war and World War II,” Mr. Clark said.

Time is not on his side for the move due to the distance from the old pool to the new building.

“It took me about 15 minutes for me to get from my C-Hall room up to my new room. However, the new building overall is really cool, there is even padded elevators, so you can have fun inside. I plan on riding them up to the third floor during the move,” said Mr. Clark

Mr. Clark has kept all of his historical belongings on display for students over the years and will continue to educate students visually for many more to come.