Driving safely makes a difference

LynNora Trosper and lakecentralnews

With icy roads and winter weather watches issued multiple times in the previous two weeks, driving safely but defensively have become two must-have driving strategies. For new drivers, the idea of having diminished visibility and traction may seem foreign until the squeal of the tires and smell of burnt asphalt and rubber fills the air.

“I was down in central Indiana, and I looked in my rearview mirror and saw a car spin out and go into a ditch. It was definitely scary, and my friend and I pulled over to help,” Lindsey Nevins (12) said.

Winter conditions call for drivers to be more cautious and alert of their surroundings. Checking a blind spot and driving slowly can make the difference between life and death.

“The roads are scary … but I still drive as fast as possible. I shouldn’t, but I do,” Kara Guinn (11) said.

According to ExpertLaw.com, there are two types of drivers in the world: excessively-timid drivers and reckless maniacs. The excessively-timid driver “will overestimate the danger of the weather conditions” and drive at a speed that potentially irritates other drivers. Opposite of the timid driver, the reckless maniac will “ignore the consequences of weather” and drive at full highway speed or even faster due to the lack of drivers.

“It’s winter, so I kind of [expect] icy roads, but my car has no traction so I have my bad moments on the road. To be honest, it’s all about safety and driving defensively,” Tiffany Tao (11) said.