Finals fun


Students gather during lunch dressing up for the finals spirit week. Wednesday as shown, was pajama day and gave students the opportunity to dress comfortably.

Jessica Enriquez and lakecentralnews

As finals week has finally arisen, a lot of student minds are filled with stress and panic. Creating ways to distract students from the long tests and final review packets brought upon LC’s mini-spirit week to ease the nerves.

“I wanted to participate in [spirit week] because I’ve never had the opportunity to. It makes me feel more relaxed, and hopefully next year they’ll have more of these days, “ Serena Morton (10) said.

Many students and teachers finished their last days of the semester, final days in the old school building during class by wearing pajamas on Wednesday, Hawaiian shirts on Thursday and ugly sweaters on Friday.

“I’m doing pajama day, they’re comfy and my friend told me to wear the footsie pajamas she got me for Christmas,” Margaret Ilic (12) said.

Beginning a new trend that was different from last year, participation on the three-day spirit week following final exam testing instead of the normal days we normally have helped students feel slightly more positive about it.

“It [pajama day] was a benefit for taking finals, and it kept me warm in class, “ Ilic said.