Caroling Counterpoints


Justin Cortez (11), Caroline Janiga (12) and Charles Lobaugh (12) prepare to sing their final carol in Mrs. Stephanie Harnew’s, Science, classroom. Counterpoints went caroling on Dec. 12, and gave a special performance for Mrs. Harnew’s class at her request for her birthday.

Jill DeGroot and lakecentralnews

On Dec. 12, the Counterpoints choir group went caroling from room to room for the holidays. The students performed during the double 7th hour periods.

“Counterpoints put together some holiday songs so we could go around and sing during the holidays,” Mia Gjeldum (12) said.

Counterpoints used to go caroling room to room every year until they recently stopped due to lack of time.This year, they decided to carol again because the matrix schedule allowed them to have 7th hour twice in a row.

“We’ve been practicing [our program] since October, and we’ve had nine performances in the past two weeks,” Ms. Sandy Hobbs, Choir said.

In addition to singing for classmates and teachers, choir students have been going to hospitals, nursing homes, hospices and rehabilitation centers to spread holiday cheer to different people in the community.

“I had a lot of fun caroling with Counterpoints because we got to spread Christmas spirit,” Gjeldum said.