Holiday spirit spreads

Paige Chelbana and lakecentralnews

As Christmas nears, teachers are taking more initiative involving students in celebration. Christmas decorating, holiday parties and other similar activities are quickly spreading holiday cheer through West Lake classrooms.

“[West Lake students and peer mentors] did Christmas crafts. We [made] a snowman that has a countdown to Christmas on it. We also decorated a Christmas tree with ornaments and lights,” Alyssa Camarillo (11), peer mentor, said.

On Dec. 18, West Lake teachers held a Christmas party for their students. They brought presents and food for the students.

“Everyone buys things. We’re like a family. It’s not like it’s a class of 30, just six,” Mrs. Debbie Stack, West Lake, said.

Mrs. Stack and the other teachers brought presents such as shirts, nail polishes, an assortment of gift cards, backpacks and others. The peer mentor students also plan to do something special for the West Lake students.

“While the teachers made all the food, [we] will be bringing in presents for [the West Lake students] on Friday,” Maria Bushey (11), peer mentor, said.