Varsity boys basketball faces Bowman Eagles for first time in years

Ashley Bates and lakecentralnews

It was a full house Dec. 13; students packed the gym for the game facing Thea Bowman Leadership Academy.

“[Hearing about the game] got us pumped. We have something to prove, and wanted to get up there [in ranking],” Matthew Meneghetti (12) said.

Despite the results of 63-58, the team views the game as a lesson learned.

“It was a good game. It showed us who we are [as a team]. We made small mistakes but we will learn from our mistakes,” Ross said.

The team strategizes to improve their game to beat their opponent.

“It was tough trying to keep a balance between too much or too low of energy,” Ross said.

The score was a roller coaster throughout the game.

“We were up then low. We playing well but made turnovers and the other team outplayed us. I’m not mad at the result but disappointed. It wasn’t a complete loss,” Meneghetti said.