Saving lives in class

Erin Dosen and Erin Dosen

In the traditional school system, students enter school prepared to sit in a desk, be lectured and take notes. However, in the Life Savings class with Mr. Jim Tonkovich’s, Physical Education, students get dressed in their bathing suits and learn how to save a person’s life.

Life Savings is a hands-on class that teaches students ways to save people in water emergencies, such as drowning, while giving students some enjoyment during class activities.

“It was a lot of fun being with my friends. It’s not like a normal class. I just like how different of a class it is compared to other classes in the school,” Julia Delsangro (10) said.

Students work together in this class in groups in order to achieve the grades that they deserve. Tests are held in the pool and the pool foyer, which is where students learn CPR, first-aid and many other life saving techniques.

“It’s an easy credit, especially since you can also get a job out of it. I would also like to be a lifeguard for the pool or life savings classes next year,” Reyna Crothers (10) said.

Getting certified in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, First- Aid, Automated External Defibrillation and life guarding is necessary when attempting to get a job in that area. This class gives you that opportunity and makes job searching a little easier.

“Some of the tests were difficult, but they were still fun just to be around the people and learn new things that can definitely help me in the future”, Crothers said.

What students learn in this class can go a long way in their lives. Many students recommend this for an interesting and informative class credit.